Virtual art exhibition is becoming a growing trend in the modern art world. It is a form of art display using technology to simulate virtual galleries to provide distinctive and interactive experiences for users.

There are many famous virtual art galleries  in the world, such as Gagosian Gallery and National Gallery of Art in the U.S., or Tate Modern in the UK. In Vietnam, virtual art exhibition is gradually developing to meet the needs of exhibiting, introducing, promoting and archiving artworks. It also creates a new platform for artists and their customers to communicate and trade in pieces of art.

The digital-based art exhibition is aligned with the global development trend nowadays as it has various outstanding advantages, including:

1. Approaching wider groups of public 

The virtual art gallery allows users to visit exhibitions and admire artworks from anywhere in the world. This helps to bridge the gap in space and time, allowing viewers to access art easily and conveniently.

2. Being interactive and engaging 

Virtual art exhibitions often offer distinctive means of interaction and engagement. Users can explore more about the work, send feedback, and share ideas with artist and others in the art community.

3. Being convenient and flexible

Users can access virtual art exhibitions from any Internet connected device. This convenient and flexible method allow users to independently and actively explore and experience

4. Having advanced technologies

With the development of virtual and 3D technology, virtual art gallery can realistically simulate physical space of  traditional art gallery. Diverse features such as controlling viewpoint, zooming and 3D interaction all contribute to engaging and intuitive experiences for users.

5. Growing potentials of developing and public reaching 

Through virtual art exhibitions, artists, museums and exhibition organisers are given further opportunities to access wider public all over the world. 

The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, together with VietsoftPro Company, co-create this virtual art exhibition  with the expectation to provide a new platform in the artworld where artists can exhibit, introduce, promote and archive their artworks, as well as having more chances to reach potential customers domestically and globally.